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"I speak for many when I say Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves and Xana Kernodle were a light in not only my life, but every room the two walked into. I am beyond grateful to have known them in this lifetime. The Made With Kindness Foundation is a way to keep their legacy alive through the characteristics that made Maddie and Kaylee who they are and how they impacted those around them. Good friendship is something to cherish in this world and I am lucky to have had Maddie and Kaylee and Xanas throughout some of the best and hardest years of our lives. The endless laughter and crazy times with them are memories I will never forget and cherish forever. The Maddie Kaylee Scholarship fund will give us the opportunity to help support the lives of college students, and spread kindness and compassion. This foundation is meant to be something as beautiful as the souls of these girls."

-Co Founder, Ashlin Couch 

About us

The Made With Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organization that stands as an overarching beacon of hope created in remembrance and in honor of Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves and Xana Kernodle. The Made With Kindness Foundation continues the legacy of Madison, Kaylee and Xana by empowering others to be their best self through self awareness. We are dedicated to promoting safety and empowerment among college students. Our mission is to partner with colleges and universities to provide scholarship funds, grief wellness seminars, and comprehensive on-campus safety awareness. 


We believe that prevention is key in creating a safe and secure environment for students. By equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital world responsibly, protect themselves physically, and ensure the safety of their living spaces, we aim to empower students to take control of their personal safety. 


Through collaborative partnerships with colleges and universities, we will create scholarship opportunities empowering students to carry on the values of Kaylee and Maddie, and offer tailored training programs that address the unique safety challenges faced by students. Our programs include workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions led by experienced professionals in the field of safety and security. 


In all of our endeavors, we are guided by the belief that through unity, compassion, and education, we can transform tragedy into triumph. Together, with our partner, we are working towards a future where college campuses are safe havens for learning, growth, and personal development rooted in an enduring spirit of compassion, friendship, and joy.

Meet Your Founders


Founder, Angela Navejas


Co Founder, Ashlin Couch

Meet Your Board Members

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Secretary, Randee Skelton


Community Engagement Coordinator, Shayla Anderson

Community Engagement Coordinator, Kara Guthrie

hailee headshot_edited.jpg

Advocacy & Outreach Specialist, Hailee Gabbard


Community Engagement Coordinator, Karen Laramie


Social Media & Marketing, Nevaeh Douglas

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